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BlockRank was born out of the simple idea of using graph-based visualizations to identify fraudelent behavior on-chain

We didn't stop there! Our upcoming platform will allow all web3 builders and stakeholders to take a data-driven approach to decisions spanning the entire lifecycle of a business or on-chain community.

Our product suite utilizes machine learning and AI in combination with graph-based algorithms to enable our users to:

  • Improve the efficiency of their token incentives by tracking farmers
  • Identify new customers
  • Understand how business decisions influence their target market


Event Analyzer

In-depth analysis of business development and marketing strategies using on-chain and off-chain data.

Network Vizualization

A "Social Network" visualization of all token and smart contract transactions in your ecosystem.

A/B Testing Suite

Develop the perfect token economy. Iterate on potential incentive programs using our A-B testing platform.

User Trust Scoring

Our machine learning suite allows for next-level prediction of customer behavior and preference.

Our Investors & Partners

Who We Are

Davis Weaver


Davis is a passionate entrepreneur and academic data scientist with a focus on graph algorithms and ML. He has been a community leader in the Algorand space since 2021. Davis works on everything from sales and partnerships to infrastructure and algorithm design.

Chris Streiffer


Chris has prior work experience at IBM Research and has authored papers on ML and distributed systems. He has prior startup experience as a backend engineer and has been in the crypto space since 2017. Chris works on full-stack engineering, smart contract development, and product design.

Joe Bejany


Joe is finishing his MBA at the University of Chicago where he focused on entrepreneurship. He worked 5 years at Capitol One where he focused on on product, analytics and strategy. Joe carries out everything related to operations, strategy, and scaling the business.

Sara Price


Sara has a MS in Data Science from NYU with a focus on deep learning applied to computer vision, NLP, and graph networks. She worked for 4 years in data science for Deloitte with a focus on fraud and compliance. Sara works on everything data from dapp analytics to infrastructure.

Kevin Vernooij


Kevin is a project and delivery management expert with 12 years of experience in infrastructure services. He has been a part of the Algorand landscape since 2020. Kevin specializes in building and maintaining meaningful relationships and sustainable partnerships.