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Token Distribution Automation &

Customer Analytics Tools

The only all-in-one platform for managing community rewards and payments, analyzing community engagement, and preventing fraud.

Scale with simplicity and confidence

One-click token distribution. Data driven decisions. Customizable analytics tools.

Automated Token Distribution

Send tokens to hundreds of customers in minutes.

Customer Analytics

Create personalized lists of customers to improve monitoring and community engagement decisions.

Data Products

Track customer transaction history, wallet details, and activity to inform decision-making.

Coming Soon

Rewards Customization

Schedule payouts and recurring bonuses.

Wallet Search Engine

Look up any wallet address for next generation insights on wallet behavior.

AI Insights

Predictive models for customer activity and fraud to improve decision-making.

Start Transforming Your Business Now

Tell us about your goals. Get customized data and analytics support. Unlock the power of blockchain data for your company.

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Consumer Product Coming Soon

Learn about upcoming airdrops, get pre-approved verification status, and increase your exposure to new community projects.

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"BlockRank has the potential to be one of the leaders in blockchain network security, not just for Algorand, but for all blockchains. The technology that they are starting to develop has the potential to save millions if not billions of dollars in airdrops and exploit monitoring."

– BirdBot CEO